Hey, Performers & other troupes, do you want to avoid a scam and a wait of your time!? Of course, you do! It comes from a really general google email address we got hit with: michaelphilips1010@gmail.com and then opens it up like this:

Hello how you doing today…? This is Mr Phillip i will like to confirm if you do offer dancing classes…..Thanks

We wanted this to be true and followed up with some details and received this:

Yeah i got your information online for dance classes…I’m organizing a surprise dance like flashmob for my daughter’s wedding so i want you to teach the Bridesmaids choreography. Let me know if you can do this and do you accept credit card as form of payment…?
And then:
Alright perfect, The wedding is on the 7th of july  .the ladies are local.there are 8 Bridesmaids all ladie  and i want them to choreograph a song by “John Legend” titled “All of me and i want the lessons to be at your studio the ladies are fully committed to this training and their timing is pretty flexible and they are not professionals and have no experience in dancing so i want you to send me your options days and times they will be coming for the lesson twice a week for 2 weeks for the 8 Ladies 2 hour rehearsals and also whats the grand total cost include studio rental fee…..?
If we didn’t respond immediately we got this:
Hello are you getting me right please…?
And this:
Hello are you getting me right..?
Eventually, we received this:
Yes no problem  i am ready to make my payment for you with my credit card and I’m doing the booking since the whole surprise is my idea i will be responsible for all payment cause i won’t be coming in with the ladies due to my current health status I’m currently under intensive care in preparation for my surgery may i know if you are the owner to handle the job for me and what’s your full-name, and your studio address for the private transport driver i’m organizing to locate your place when they are coming……..And also send me the contract to my email so i can have it sight and returns them back to you via email Asap Ok.?
Overall, we played into this guy far too long, but if it can help anyone else not waste their time it, even if it just helps one person, it is worth it!
Good luck bidding!