Break free of your boundaries and awaken your passions with Firewalking!

Why have a Firewalking Seminar?
• You want your event to have a unique experience that gets everyone involved.
• You want to start off (or end) your event with intention.
• You want your event to be something more.
• You want people to gain lifelong inspirational experience from your event.

Unique event. Attendees interact with fire and become one as they walk across glowing hot coals. This seminar combines crowd interaction, inspirational and motivational techniques and unforgettable memories.


Basic information:

All of this and much more is our firewalking seminar. An inspired session of emotional and joyous involvement. Firewalking seminars can be used as main attraction or as grand opening, or as a component to your overall event. Everyone who experiences this is required to sign a waiver.

Number of speakers: 2-4 (can be customized to your request)
Seminar duration: 60-180 min